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UNITED ONE GROUP, INC. was founded in 1976 in Tennessee.  The Company originally exported thermo-compression oak boards abroad to Europe for shipping constructions.  Our company has logging on a series of sustainable commercial forests spanning across Tennessee, Georgia, and North Carolina with a total area of 3.7 million acres. We also own and operate a 1,370 acres sawmill facility to produce hardwood-related products.

Our company possesses various environmental friendly patented skills including the processing of carbon, bio diesel, bio mass, emulsion fuel, proprietary DeNox Catalyst, VOCs removal process, and etc.

Our environmentally friendly process is a competitive edge in the 21st century global market. Our process is part of the solution to pass on green world to our children.

UNITED ONE GROUP, INC. will continue to provide you environmental friendly solutions such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). Our company will strive for greener future through continuous innovation.

Thank you.

Chairman CEO:   Eric Young




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