Well,Celling,Floor,any Surfaces (Asbestos Building,Ureaform Building ,etc,,)



99% WELLBEING eco-friendly product



Purity 100%
environment friendly all natural   eco-friendly product

[The House that cures you]
-The paint that contains an alkali anion solution , the best 21century environment friendly material, and natural unpolluted yellow mud and also the nano-molecule from natural oak extract. Purity 100% environment friendly all natural finish materials.

[The Production of anion]
"Action and reaction of life are all workings of anion" The human body works on the principle of ion exchange  morning in the forest structures produce more than 1900 anions/cc creating the sense of being in the forest"

Effects for anions

  • The increase of anions within the blood stream prevents oxidation caused by activated oxygen and peroxidize of lipid(Anti-oxidation effect)
  • Acceleration of the electronic material exchange through cell walls, Causes your natural metabolism to increase
  • The increase of your natural metabolism cause improvements in your health
  • The increase in the cells colloid functions improves your skins elasticity.
  • Activates tissue within cells
  • Hinders the skins ageing process
  • Stabilization of the autonomic nerves and an increase of oxygen flow to the brain.
  • By influencing the colloid-increases your natural metabolism
  • A change in cellules permeability
  • The cleansing and circulation of Blood-alkalization of oxidized blood, increase in calcium within the blood-stimulation of normal and cardiac muscles
  • Increase of immunity-increase in the GAMMA-GLOBULIN
  • Improvement in incretion and hematosis
  • Produces large quantities of Anion(negative ion), the vitamin of air
    -Prevention of oxidation by Activated oxygen, Stabilization of the autonomic nervous system
  • Acceleration of our natural metabolism
    -Creation of a high quality 'far infrared ray' space with over 93% emission rate stimulation of Molecules within a cell causes cell activity and growth to increase
  • With Phytoncide effect' the effect of natural oak tree extract, you can create a pine forest like pleasant environment
  • We are able to prevent 'New house syndrome' by blocking Formaldehyde, VOCs etc.
    -you are free from the effects for atopic dermatitis.
  • Diverse and beautiful colors
    -You are able to decorate in Diversity Because of the absents any repulsive smells you can utilize the area right away
  • The regulation of humidity levels
    -we always maintain a pleasant humidity level
    Antibacterial, anti-mold, insect repellent properties
  • Reduces overall fuel consumption with its insulation effects
    -Increase of overall physical strength-even with a brief exposure, you are able to feel effects yo your muscles
    -Only contains all natural ingredient beneficial to the human body-harmless to both skin and body
  • United one  eco-friendly products.  Odor-less all in One (oak tree  Charcoal technology)" interior emulsion  is combining both "Odor-less" and "Formaldehyde Abatement" advanced technologies. It utilizes innovative polymer synthesis to eliminate unwanted in paint odors, low VOC, as well as decreases a certain level of harmful formaldehyde in interior. It still has more than15 functions, e.g. hiding power, anti-fungus, waterproofing and wash ability etc., those are ideal for top quality wall decoration and particularly suitable for repainting use. Caboli Paint's Colour Creations Centers are available for you to choose personalized colors via eco-friendly product  unique computerized colour matching system.
  • Main Product Features
    Almost no odour
    Near zero VOC
    Heavy metal free
    Classic matt finish
    Long-lasting colours
    Covers hairline cracks
    Anti bacterial
    Resistance to fungus
    Easy application
    Easy touch-up
    Less splattering
    Excellent coverage and hiding power
    Excellent flow and leveling
    Resistance to fading and chalking
    Water-based paint
    No Lead or Mercury added

Industry Standards and Approvals

• Do not use to install vinyl-backed any products.

• Do not apply over any adhesive residues including cutback.

• Do not install when relative humidity of concrete slabs exceeds 90% (ASTM F2170).

• Use only when the substrate temperature is between 50°F and 90°F (10°C and 32°C).

• Do not use when the ambient relative humidity exceeds 65%.


Surface  Preparation

• All substrates must be structurally sound, dry, solid and stable.

• Substrate should be clean and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, paint, curing agents, concrete sealers, loosely

bonded toppings, loose particles, old adhesive residues, and any other substance or condition that may prevent

or reduce adhesion. All surfaces must be level, even, flat and smooth.


Product Performance Properties

Polymer type:                              Advanced Crosslink Proprietary Polymer

Percent solids                              61% to 71%

Calculated VOC (Rule #1168 of California’s SCAQMD)     water 0g/L

PH                         7 to 8

Trowel or roller ability              light, easy

Density                   1.06 g/mL (+/- 0.05)

Color                       Black

Shelf life                 1 year when stored in original packaging at 73°F (23°C)

Storage conditions         40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C)

Flash point (Tag)          > 212°F (100°C)

Protect from traffic       24 hours for light traffic,   72 hours for heavy traffic

Protect containers from freezing in transit and storage.

 Provide for heated storage on site and deliver all materials at least 24 hours before work begins.

 Viscosity: 6.900 cps

 Strength: 1.800 to 2.300 psi


Application Table

Flash--    0 to 10 minutes       Working Time--10 to 35 minutes

 Flash is the waiting time required before installing flooring.

Working time is the window of time for the adhesive to accept flooring.

Note: Flash time and working times may vary based on temperature, humidity, substrate porosity, trowel size and jobsite conditions.


Packaging :5 US. Gals. (18,9 L)


Weight/gallon: 9,12 lbs


Part No:

Units per Package I, Packages Per Pallet 32



Wall, ceiling, Floor Type

Roller                                                          Thick                                           


One time ( Roller)

9"    12”   18"                                          100㎛to 125 ㎛

        Approximately 370 to 390 sq.ft. per gallon


Roller Type (Semi Smooth 3/8 in NAP (0.96cm DE GROSOR)


 * Trowel dimensions are depth/width/space. Coverage’s shown are for estimating purposes only.

Actual jobsite coverages may vary according to substrate conditions, type of trowel used and setting   practices.

                                         ***Subfloor condition standard only***                                                                                      



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Liquid Carbon Wall (Eco-Friendly) - Coating & Covering (5 gal)

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